Outdoor Theater

Party in style with this awesome outdoor movie theater! Great for parties, sporting events, church events, or even birthday parties! Includes a high definition projector and a 10,000 WATT sound system! 17'tall by 30' wide

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This white screen on the inflatable movie theater measures 16’x 30′. This movie theater is a great idea for any outdoor event that you would like to have the “outdoor drive in” experience.
It must be dark outside for the theater to project onto the screen.
This system has a sound system that has 4-18″ Subs @2600 Watts
8- 15″ Main Cabinets with horns running 4000 Watts
Enough sound to fill a football stadium
Outdoor movie theater experience can be done with an FM Transmitter where all the cars can hear the sound of the movie from their radio.